Are you considering selling your land or rural property? First, contact the Texan Team with Texan Realtor Group, LLC as we are “Land and Life Real Estate.” Second, just as you prepare to sell your home by painting, making needed repairs and even staging the home, the same concept applies to land. Therefore, consider the upcoming five tips as you prepare to sell you land.

Before the tips, let’s discuss timing.  Historically, spring has been thought of as the “best time” to sell your land.  This makes sense because the Texas landscape is beautiful in the spring.  After all, the bluebonnets are blooming, the fields are lush and shower activity may have filled the seasonal creeks.  Now throw this out the window because the land market in Texas is robust and land is in demand in the spring as well as it is in the winter.


You must assure the buyer has easy and safe access to all areas of your land.  This is the first tip because it is that important. If a buyer cannot see, walk or travel on the property your chances of selling are reduced. Plan on spending some time trimming branches and opening pathways. If you need to open a road and don’t have the equipment Texan Team can utilize our network to secure the assistance you may need. No one wants to crawl through brush or damage their vehicle when trying to view a property. 


Remove the junk and trash. This tip goes way beyond old beer cans and includes brush piles, old fencing wire, discarded appliances and the tractor that has not moved in 20 years. A property that appears cared may pay off with better offers. 


Define your boundary with fencing or stakes and make sure the fences are in good condition. Spend some time and repair any sagging or broken wires.  When inspecting your fence, assure that your hot wire work and can be disconnected with ease. Afterall a  buyer does not want to be shocked. If some or all of your property is not fenced the addition of posts or stakes will help the buyer visualize what they want to purchase.


Show the buyer what they want to see. You are just like your buyer and enjoy tranquil views. Therefore, assure that your favorite views, regardless of if it is a creek, tank, pasture or pecan grove, is showcased. This is one instance in which you want to share.


Data and metrics are an integral part of real estate and one way to showcase your land is to provide data. If you have easements, mineral rights or deed restriction understand them. If you don’t know your soil type or if you have flood prone area you should. Texan Team is able to generate color maps detailing data from soil to water and even provide arial pictures.    

Five Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Land or Rural Property